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  SoftSols Group

SoftSols Group is the developer of Agility, a new breed of Computerised Maintenance Management Software (CMMS). Agility is designed to make your life much easier.
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  IS Decisions
With 1.2 million licences sold to 3500 customers in 129 countries,
IS Decisions is the worldwide leader in Network Access Control and File Audit. Customers include CIA, FBI, US Navy, BMW, IBM, HSBC, Ford, DELL, Bank of America, Donfeng, Three Gorges Dam, etc
We search Resellers in China

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IS Decisions ʿƺļȫ򶥼ҵͻ鱨֣FBIIBMУأУ磬Ͽŵȴҵ йѰҾ


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