User : Any physical or moral person visiting the " SOFTDATABASE.COM " site.
Site : SOFTDATABASE.COM Internet Site situated at the URL
Services : All services offered by SOFTDATABASE.COM on the Site.


In visiting the SOFTDATABASE.COM Site, the user recognises that he has :
- to be aware of the principle as much as the nature and functioning of the Internet, whose features and limitations he accepts, especially with regard to response times for consultation;
- to be aware of the fact that data sent over the Internet are not protected against possible redirection or hacking and consequently communication of any information is done at the User's own risk;
- to be aware of the fact that despite all the precautions taken by SOFTDATABASE.COM, some viruses may be introduced by third parties on the Internet and to recognise as a consequence that he should take all proper measures to assure the protection of the software data stored on his IT equipment;
- to be aware of the existence of a code of ethics developed by the Internet user community whose violation by the User could lead to his exclusion from the other services available on the Internet, for which SOFTDATABASE.COM cannot be held responsible.
The User undertakes expressly to respect and abide by the laws, rules and particularly the rights of the person, the rights of the publisher, the rights of the owners of distinctive signs and to be able, at any moment, upon simple written demand from SOFTDATABASE.COM, to provide proof of the existence of the checks that he has carried out, if necessary by sampling, and the efforts that he has made since being made aware of any damage to the rights of a third party in order to put an end to this damage as well as the professional code of ethics recommendations that appear in the Internet Community.
The User declares that he has read and accepted the present General Conditions of Use.


The objective of the present General Conditions of Use is to define the modes and general conditions under which the User will be able to visit the Site and take advantage of the non transferable services, it being made clear that any connection to the Site and to the Services is subject to the respect of the dispositions of the present General Conditions of Use.


Access to the Services is possible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, except in the case of force majeure, as a result of a third party and/or works and interventions necessary for the proper functioning of the Services.
There is no limit to the duration of the connection time available to the User in order to manually consult data and records included in the database. However, any automated downloading of SoftDatabase information is strictly prohibited. This will be considered as an act of piracy and will be subject to disclosure and to legal action. Any attempt to automatically download SoftDatabase information will result in the clients access to the database being removed and the retention of the clients fee. 
SOFTDATABASE.COM may find it necessary to interrupt the Services or a part of the Services for maintenance reasons, without having to indemnify the User.


SOFTDATABASE.COM is committed to supplying the User with the services that conform with the rules of its profession and for this purpose has at its disposal the appropriate equipment and competent operations staff. SOFTDATABASE.COM is only bound by an obligation of means and in no case can it be held responsible for indirect prejudices, such as commercial prejudice, loss of customers, loss of orders, any commercial discord whatsoever, loss of earnings, loss of brand image.
Any action directed towards the User by a third party constitutes an indirect prejudice and, as a consequence, does not give the right to compensation. In the case of force majeure or of events outside his control, in particular in the case of an interruption to the access networks or the networks accessible through the Services or the failure of the receiving equipment or the line from the User, SOFTDATABASE.COM can take no responsibility for the loss of data or all the transactions made via the Services for the acquisition of goods or services or of any other prejudice.
In addition to the points described in article 2 " Declarations " for which the User recognises in particular that SOFTDATABASE.COM cannot in any case be held responsible for any prejudice whatsoever, whether tangible or intangible, direct or indirect such as the loss of customers or turnover, as a result of erroneous studies, or the loss of these data, it is made clear that the User is solely responsible for any prejudice, direct or indirect, tangible or intangible caused by himself or one of his employees to SOFTDATABASE.COM or to third parties resulting from his use of the Services. The User may be ordered to pay compensation to SOFTDATABASE.COM as a result of the prejudices caused;
SOFTDATABASE.COM is freed of any responsibility in the event of the use of Services that do not conform with the present General Conditions;
SOFTDATABASE.COM cannot be held responsible in the event of legal actions against the User resulting from the use of the Services and any service accessible via the Internet ;
SOFTDATABASE.COM cannot in any case be held responsible for the content of the Web sites and the information consulted over which SOFTDATABASE.COM has no control, nor the nature of the data examined and/or transferred;


The general conditions to be found on-line take precedence over the printed general conditions.


At the option of SOFTDATABASE.COM the rights and obligations of SOFTDATABASE.COM resulting from the present General Conditions of Use can be transferred at any time to a third party. If any one of the stipulations of the present General Conditions of use is held to be invalid or without purpose, it will be considered as not being written and will not lead to the invalidation of the other stipulations.
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