Softdatabase consulting: Services
Our mission

SoftDatabase, with offices in Atlanta, Paris, and Shanghai, is an international consulting firm that helps privately held software companies bring their enterprise software products to the Asia Pacific, EMEA, and North American markets. 

SoftDatabase international business development services include:

?Discovery of the markets
?Development of Sales Channels (VAR, SI, OEM)
?Virtual Offices - Hosting
?Legal Services
?Merge and Acquisition
?Creation of local presence
?Development of sales / leads / qualified prospects

Our expertise

Specialized in Enterprise software, Softdatabase has many years of experience and success in that sector, and is intimately familiar with enterprise software technologies, markets, distribution channels and trends.

Since 1992, SoftDatabase has helped more than 200 software companies find the right international distributors, expand their international revenue, and develop the most effective international sales and marketing strategies. We invite you to discover our testimonials to check the effectiveness of our expertise.

Distributing products to end users in a foreign country often involves much more than finding a single partner. Depending on the country and the target market, optimum market coverage may require the ISV to identify and recruit several partners, and perhaps different types of partners. Depending on the enterprise product line, country and target markets, an ISV may be best served by signing up both dedicated VARs and several System Integrators. The same ISV may also wish to set up a local office and sell directly, while pursuing OEM opportunities for their products with other ISVs or VARs in the country. 

SoftDatabase helps optimize the partner mix and recruit the most suitable partners in each category.

Our value proposition

SoftDatabase employs a tried and proven methodology. Before deciding upon a course of actions, we will analyze the current state of your market, including market demand, size of market, competition, customers, core technology, and product line strengths and weaknesses. 

Based on this analysis, we will define a client-specific international distribution strategy. We then help you execute the strategy by tapping into our extensive network of high level distribution channel partners. First among the many sources we utilize is our extraordinary worldwide on-line database containing profiles of more than 40,000 40,000 enterprise ISVs, VARs, SIs spanning all five continents.

Additional information
Complementary documents and presentations are available upon request: 

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